BORLINO: Enduring Journeys

Stop to consider exactly what your briefcase or bag is to you and what it says about you as an individual. What is the message it sends? For men, your bag can telegraph power and individual style. It can position you as strong-minded and a forward thinker, or someone who follows the style or trend.  The bag you carry is your safe, your portable jewelry box and your first impression. It is your identity, it finishes your look, it conveys your style and it is your portable assistant when you’re in a meeting or on the road.

The bag you choose to carry should be well thought out and tailored to your individual needs. It should be made with specific considerations to style and functionality.  Your bag is your personal assistant and often your first impression.

Most of all your bag needs to work for you. Don’t be fooled that the designer’s name will necessarily guarantee a better bag. This is why I abandoned my Bally Switzerland and switched to BORLINO®, a small boutique bag company located outside of beautiful Denver, Colorado.

I threw out all my previous notions that have swayed me to the big names through relentless advertising. BORLINO® was love at first sight. These leather luxuries became a must have.

The first thing that appealed to me about BORLINO® bags is the leather. Sturdy and luxurious to the touch. The leathers have a beautiful colour, consistency, patina and an excellent recovery. Obviously top-quality young leather. The edges of the straps were precise and neat. Some bags in the BORLINO® line have optional canvas straps that increase the versatility of the bag for dress or casual wear. BORLINO® Italian leather is always consistent and unblemished I am hard on my bags. The hardware has to look good, but more important it has to be high quality and last. BORLINO® uses only brass as the base metal and they are beefy and beautiful. After intense use of the bag there was no ‘rub off’. BORLINO ® made this a priority for guys like me. However, the beauty is as lasting as the hardware’s durability.

I looked at a variety of BORLINO® bags before I made my choice. With each, my first impression was always quality, however, I was struck with the balance that the designer found regarding the weight of the bag. This is primarily a psychological exercise. I’m a big guy and like a substantial bag. But BORLINO® bags never seem to cross the line to heavy. The bags are graced with premium leathers and precious metal hardware, so a certain amount of weight is necessary to provide the quality I demand.  A true test of a smart bag is found when you start to handle it. A good bag should have functionality at its core. The details, the straps, the handles, the zips have to be thought out carefully. It is what separates a good design from the pack. A good designer will consider the materials and functions in context of the style. The balance of these elements, the lines and the proportions, need to be meticulously thought out.  BORLINO® rises to the pinnacle of this balance.  When you open a BORLINO® bag you will find an organized world of fine detail that will become your kingdom as well as your travel trunk. This is a personal place that holds your most valuable possessions.  The touch of the interior is the top echelon of luxury. The structure of the bags allows you to stow — and know that what you put inside stays where you put it, and the contents remain easily at hand.

The true essence of a handmade luxury bag is the fine detailing and finish work.  The BORLINO® name appears on all the hardware, the stitching lines are straight, the colour is consistent and seams are always flat and as invisible as you can demand from a handmade luxury bag. Often times I look for a slight irregularity. I believe it symbolizes the true charm of a handcrafted item much like the flaw in a diamond can be the “mark” that makes it yours. However, BORLINO® has made that challenging with master craftsmanship.

My greatest attraction to BORLINO® is the fact that it is unique. New to the market in 2012, these bags fulfill the obligation of someone who wants to move beyond the confines of other brand names and carry something unique that is not on every shoulder. The bags are one-of-a-kind and serve my personal style with ease. However, having said that, my wife loves them also.

BORLINO® bags are available at select luxury boutiques, select Neiman Marcus stores or online at

From The Collection Magazine
BORLINO: Enduring Journeys
by William Hauptman



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