Designing vs. Decorating

Design vs Decorating – two words that are often used synonymously but often erroneously. Both decorators and interior designers create beautiful and functional spaces. However when it comes to your home these two words couldn’t be any more different. Interior designers are licensed professionals who coordinate projects involving architecture, trade partners and construction.  Interior decorators make aesthetic improvements, but they do not make structural changes to interior spaces. Consequently, interior decorators do not need to be knowledgeable about building and safety codes. Preparation, planning and execution are essential to the success of any venture. When making one of the most important, and probably the largest financial decision that one will ever make in their life, it simply doesn’t make any sense to go it alone.

Even within a single neighborhood, homes can vary dramatically. From elegant gracious living to homes filled with guests, children and dogs, all of the homes have evolved not by being left to their own devices, but rather by a watchful, practical, and imaginative eye ensuring that they adapt and grow to serve their function.

Balance is one aspect of this philosophy, a balance of function, beauty, and comfort. Your home is lived in, for living in, for your life and like its occupants a home is a living thing that develops and changes. So no matter your style – traditional, eclectic, urban, mountain, contemporary or historical restoration – our style is your style.  The American Dream has long been defined by home ownership. Childhood memories of porch swings, baby’s nursery, holiday dinners, and conversations around the kitchen table are the very fabric of our society. One of the pleasures of walking through a professionally designed home is the way the different spaces open into one another, from room to room and floor to floor. Sleek and refined, but also totally easy. Your home should be the ideal place to gather with family, friends, or just relax and hang out. So what’s your dream?

From The Collection Magazine
“Designing vs. Decorating”

Photo by Mark Mattivi



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